Carlo De D.

Carlo De D.

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I am available on request 7 days a week, because I finished my job and now I dedicate myself to these passions

I’m fond of geography, meant as territories, cultures, people and nature. 
I love to travel and discover particular places, such as the unknown Venice with its narrow alleys . However, what I love most is to make my beloved land known, the Pedemontana, which lies at the foot the Mount Grappa where, precisely, nature, landscapes, people, food and wine call your attention to an attractive and hospitable territory.  

I like to warmly welcome "foreigners", as they were here called all people coming from other countries. I like to enjoy meeting simple but peculiar people who live in our villages and who carry out traditional activities, such as the cheese-maker, the wood craftsman, the beekeeper, the woodcutter, the woman of the village.  

It’s equally nice to discover places, corners, characteristic buildings linked to local history, naturalistic tourist sites that may be reached by bike or by my old Alfa Duetto of 1971, but I always enjoy to take a break in a farmhouse to taste some of local genuine products such as cheeses, honey, chestnuts, walnuts, oil without forgetting to drink... un bel goto de vin (a good wine)!

Additional location: 
Terre del Grappa
I am the President of the Pro Loco in San Zanone Ezzelini so I can have the support of my Association, then collaborating with the Pro Loco of the Consorzio del Grappa and Asolano. I can connect to other local associations that treat various aspects such as the Academia Sodalias Ecelinorum (pageants on Ezzelini), Ass. Oasis San Daniele, Ass. Nature Trails Park Ezzelini, Ass. Alpini. Villa Marini Rubelli in San Zanone Ezzelini is a cultural center located in a Villa of 1600 where he established the Pro Loco. Here we have indoor and outdoor spaces for gatherings groups up to 1000 people.