Fabrizio R.

Fabrizio R.

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My wife Marla and I live in Val Chisone and we are still living where my parents have lived for generations. We are on the Cottian Alps, in Val Chisone (province of Turin), and here we run a tourist accomodation.

Our association develops the territory with a focused dedication from the tourist point of view and inviting guests to explore the beauties of our landscape, rich in culture, history, traditions and in a wide range of sports, not to mention local products such as beer, wine, cheese, whose secret of preparation have been handed down for centuries.

Sharing the simplicity of our work, sometimes even a bit old-fashioned is our greatest satisfaction, especially when we do it with a variety of “international friends” who, like us, and are fascinated by this valley that has a lot to offer. 

We think that strength and passion can determine, as in old times, positive results, that allow us to move forward with a smile.

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Val Chisone, Val Germanasca
T.E.M Turismo Ecosostenibile Montano