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Big fan of the mountain in its various forms I’ve come to motor tourism after having wandering around the Alps and part of the Apennine for over 30 years .

I’m a traveller and me first, thanks to experience, I’m more than ever convinced that you can’t know well any place if you don’t visit under the guide of those who live there.

The area that I would like to show you offers the motorcylist the most spectacular mountain roads by combining, in the same day, a mild and Mediterranean climate , of the most loved lakes by the great travelers of the nineteenth century, as well as exceptional places chosen by the film directors around the world.

My aim is to make you take a break by organizing a motorcycle tour … or better , holiday by motorcycle!

Among my interests and pleasures there’s the rediscovery of the less known Italy, that which is more unknown and hidden but that represents at best the unraveling of millennial history, where its indelible marks have been left. Places excluded from development and modernity at all costs, which have decided to save the beauty and the tourism with a responsible tourism.

I love walking in the silence of the mountains, but I rejoice in artistic and manufacturing beauties originated from the creativity of man, among these latter motorcycle. “Slow” driving, and with the utmost care, ensures a correct image of the motorcyclist, away from the negative stereotype to which we are associated. 
Italy by motorcycle will be even more amazing place!

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Abruzzo e provincia Aquila e Pescara