Locride - Calabria

A land that offers scenarios of enchanted places and surprises with its unexpected and ever-changing landscapes, from mountain to sea within a few kilometers...

Famous for its generous hospitality, the territory of Locri is located in the south of Italy, to be precise in the Calabria Region – “the tip of our Boots” - occupying the area along the Ionian coast of the province of Reggio Calabria.

The crystal clear sea and the long white beach line the coast known as the Jasmines Riviera after the Jasmine cultivation whose flowers were collected from women and exported to France for the preparation of perfumes.

The Aspromonte and the Serre with their Parks, well known for the diversity of the fauna and the rich vegetation, border the Locride and form the watershed between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas.

The rich historical and cultural heritage is rooted in a past that has seen different cultures and peoples from which was born the Mediterranean culture: from the Greeks to the Romans, from the Byzantines to the Spanish.

In fact, many of the villages on the slopes of the Aspromonte as Gerace, Stilo and Caulonia, bring us back from Norman and medieval churches and monasteries, castles and stately homes, to find archaeological sites rich in finds. Among the most important ones include the excavations of Locri Epizephiri and Kaulon, dating back to the Magna Graecia, the Roman Villa of Casignana and Naniglio di Gioiosa Jonica dating back to Roman times, the Cathedral of Gerace, the Cattolica of Stilo and the Monastery of Santa Barbara in Mammola dating back to Byzantine era (it's now a Park-Museum of Modern Art).

The Jasmines Riviera is also famous for its craft production and for its wine and gastronomy. Among the traditional products are fabrics made with hand looms and the pottery of Gerace, woodworking and fine burr pipe in Serra San Bruno.

The legendary Calabrian cuisine, rich in flavor, sometimes spicy and sometimes delicate and fine, is enhanced by the use of certified organic products: DOC wines such as the “Greco di Bianco” and the “Bivongi”, the extra-virgin olive oil from the Geracesi olives, honey and citrus preserves. Do not forget the homemade pasta, sausages, fresh fish and special processing of the stockfish and salt cod as well as the desserts and the famous “Granita” (crushed ice) made of fresh fruit.

History, nature, culture, folklore and gastronomy make Locride a unique land to discover and love.

(by Patrizia Carbone)

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