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The love for one’s own land should be transmitted only by those who have that same land in their heart". I think that that's exactly where my Irpinia is situated. I love so much to be defined as a native of Irpinia; a native of Irpinia proud of my roots, of my territory and of its traditions. Everywhere I go I try to take with me the flavour and the smell of my land, trying to “tell” how much beauty is hidden in it, in this land full of life and love, and where hospitality is a cult, and cooking before being an excellence, represents a tradition; a land to be admired, visited and to be enjoyed.

Graduated in Tourism Economics and daughter of the tradition, I come from a family of three-generations of restaurant owners, consultant and responsible for food & beverage, organize events, but most importantly I follow and go along with my passion for food and wine tours. Lover of every aspect of nature, of horses and of the wonderful breed of boxer dogs ( a passion that I share with my boyfriend holder of a breeding farm). I like to walk and I love to travel. I do it whenever I have the chance, I appreciate and support art, folklore, customs and traditions, I strongly believe in friendship and in human relationships.

I like to explore, to know, to move and in order to do this I cultivate and are an open minded person. My life has always been characterised by a strong optimism in the surrounding world, in my skills and in the potential of people.

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Tourism Economy degree