Experience the beauty of Pantelleria, Italy

Experience the beautiful island of Pantelleria
  • 4 overnight in B&B or holiday house
  • 2 trekking excursions on foot with a local guide

Day 1

Arrival in Pantelleria by plane, or by hydroplane from Trapani. It is an island of volcanic formation with a beautiful sea surrounding, guarding of a spectacular underwater world. A tour to around the island offers you the opportunity to discover nature, historical - artistic and cultural itineraries that allow you to come into close contact with the history of Pantelleria and its residents.

The architectural element that characterises the environment of Pantelleria is the "dammuso": an ancient peasant house built with lava stone topped by a dome-type roof. Today the dammusi have been transformed into comfortable holiday houses and where you will be staying for three nights, choosing between a structure near the coast of Suaki and the area of Santa Chiara.

Day 2

After breakfast, the local guide will lead a half-day excursion. The route consists of two stages, between the Coasts of Zinèdi and Sibà, connecting by a stretch of road; historical and ethnological elements will be presented including a look at the geology and the landscape. The evolution of the island architecture will be explored, starting from the most ancient dammuso of the island and then arriving at a rural classical farm and ending at a Pantelleria garden. On the afternoon, you can enjoy a stroll, perhaps an evergreen rest, along paths that wind through the Mediterranean scrub. You will encounter several small ancient austere churches, one more beautiful than the other, with dome-type roofs situated in the many districts of the Island. Overnight is a B&B in a holiday home.

Day 3

Free day, for you to explore the coast and the enchanting Seas that surround the island. In a pure and pristine environment, the boat tours will allow you to discover wonderful grottos that can only be reached by sea. There is also the Lighthouse that stands at Punta Spadillo, pointing north. At the foot of the Lighthouse, there is laghetto delle Ondine and nearby, a ravine called La Scarpetta di Cenerentola (Cinderella’s shoe). The perimeter of the island is a succession of low-lying coasts, sometimes jagged sometimes high or overhanging which at times give way to caves such as those of Cala Levante, the Sirene and the Palombi of Punta Ciaccazza. If you arrive by boat at Balata dei Turchi you will have on the one side the immense expanse of the sea, on the other side, the pine trees, their scent mixing with rosemary and lavender. After dinner make sure you try the famous vino passito (raisin wine), to end on a sweet note before overnight.

Day 4

The morning will be dedicated to another trekking tour. The route starts from the top of Montagna Grande, continuing along the paths and trails of the Forest Ranger. Again, following the side of the evergreen forest, we arrive at the crater of Kùddia Mida, with its magnificent viewpoint over the Specchio di Venere and the sea. You will learn about the ancient stories related to the brigands of Pantelleria and the geologic phenomena of volcanism.
The route then winds its way across paths in basalt slabs of lava, close trails and mountain paths over a packed ground surface; over clay, rock and logs. In the afternoon, you will have the chance to take advantage of the beneficial properties offered by the many thermal springs of Pantelleria. The Water Bath called Specchio di Venere (“Mirror of Venus”), is a lake basin situated in the Northern part of the Island and occupies an extinct crater. It is sourced by thermal springs as well as by rain waters, in fact, during the periods of low rainfall, its surface reduces, exposing the shallow marginal band, rich in black-greenish mud, due to deposits of thermophilic algae, with their characteristic odour of sulphur which is used, for therapeutic use, on the skin. Thus refreshed by the natural spa you can continue your free evening. 

Overnight is in a B&B or holiday home.

Day 5

Before returning home, you can enjoy the last day on the island at your leisure. The districts of the island are different, each with its own name, always of Arabian origin. Take a last look from the top of this volcanic land crossed by the southern wind.

Price from Euros 335 per person (in double room)
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