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Expert of architecture, I’ve been always listening to the genius loci of every place of which I had the opportunity to gain experience. I love Italy and its skill to continually surprise the traveller, glimpse after glimpse, story after story, and taste after taste.

I’m an Italian and English tour guide and leader and I’m particularly pleased when the peoples’ face travelling with me, is filled with amazement and eyes are not enough to gather all the beauty of things which appear in front of them.

I‘ve always been enthusiast of art but also of motorcycles, since the days of arts high school, and I can accompany and tell you about Italy, travelling using traditional means or, if you like, even by motorcycle following fantastic routes through the hills of Romagna and Marche, where even the way from one destination to another, is not a transfer but a journey.

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Urbino, Ravenna, Cesena, e le colline romagnole
Guida Turistica certificata ed Accompagnatore certificato