Riccardo Ch.

Riccardo Ch.

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The Garfagnana is the land where my roots are , a little-known paradise nestled bewteen the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine ... A territory to explore, trails to walk through, experiencing the charm of the contact with nature.

Even our Villages have their own charm: they offer suggestive Medieval landscape views, with their alleyways of historical centres protected by old city walls, they are really wonderful places, and still fairly uncontaminated, rich in history and tradition.

However, wood is my home, I often retreat in its clefts, enjoying its scents and listening to its streams.
I have always been a lover of the mountains, I’ve always challenged its grittiness but always with respect, I’ve finished all 9 editions of Sky Race of the Apuan Alps. In my workouts I walk along the C.A.I. ( Italian Alpine club ) paths, such that I have therefore come to know them very well, and I plan to deepen this knowledge by extending my range of action throughout the Garfagnana territory.

I got a degree in Contemporary History with a thesis dedicated to the history of the Chestnut tree in Garfagnana. Moreover, I ‘m a passionate seeker of mushrooms: our territory is famous for this resource !

Let me conclude with an old saying: "Sono un Garfagnino, scarpe grosso e cervello fino". (“Wisdom sometimes walks in clouted shoes”)…