Roberta L.

Roberta L.

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I am a Ligurian DOC with a real passion for my land, sometimes rough and tight, but generous with unique emotions… starting from the sea – eternally moving – that open your eyes and mind to distant horizons.

My passion for the different cultures of the world led me to studying foreign languages, living and working in faraway countries. Afterwards I came back home with a new way of looking at the beauty of my country. Probably because of this, I started working in the tourism and organizing trips and itineraries with the aim of showing the real places and people of Italy. A job that is a passion first of all!

I am licensed technical director of travel agency, travel designer, certified sommelier, passionate foodie and slowfood member! My friends say I'm also a good chef (my grandmother used to run an “Osteria” where now my home is!). Of course the wine & gastronomic itineraries are my favourite ones!

I love the philosophy of slow travelling, that offers you the chanche to create a real connection with places and people.

It will be my great pleasure to show you some little breathtaking corners of Liguria, take you to ancient craftman's laboratories, take a break drinking a glass of Pigato while looking at the sunset on a seaside “baretto”.

Benvenuti in Liguria!


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Genova, Golfo Paradiso, Golfo del Tigullio
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Sommelier AIS