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I got the degree in Cultural Tourism with a specialisation in Economy of Culture, I can’t sit still, I want to discover new places.
A small sleepy village, a downhill path along the Po bank, a wild beach in the River Delta, an expanse of wheat fields in Polesine countryside: every corner deserves to be known, breathed and loved.

I tell about these “so much loved" itineraries in my blog, to convey a new sense of the tour: travelling is leaving your home and open your eyes to the world around you. Beauty is a smile, in bread still warm, in the history of an elderly man.

Come with me in this land so young, the Polesine area and its Po Delta, following slow rhythms among suspended landscapes in time. I will make you discover the tradition which becomes handy and a kind of memory, the calm of nature, endless horizons in which the water meets the sky.

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Delta del Po - Veneto