Stefano T.

Stefano T.

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My name is Stefano. I was born and raised in a small italian town, called Ascoli Piceno, in the middle of Italy, Le Marche Region! I decided to leave it when I was 18 because I thought it was too small for my dreams and I wanted discover the world. I started to move to Milan, where I’ve been staying for 6 years, and then Europe, USA... wherever...

And after 8 years of travelling the main thing I’ve been learning is that the more I travel the more I love my territory..

Travelling the world made me understand how beautiful my city and my area are..

We leave our small hometowns to live new experiences and try to find jobs that most of the times are impossible to find at home. But I’m done with that... I can’t believe I can’t live in my city just because there’s no work... so I decided to create something on my own. And this is why I’ve started a project to create a marketing and consultancy society, aimed at helping small tourist businesses to promote themselves. And obviously I want to promote Ascoli Piceno. I first created a blog and after 2 years I finally have a real project to create a start-up for this new society.

I hope to help all of you who want to reach my territory and will try to do my best in order to make you live the experience of your life in the Piceno territory!

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