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I was born in March of '56 and Ilive in Positano, where I have a laboratory for the processing of lemons… the fruit par excellence of the Amalfi Coast.
This has been a passion of mine since I was a baby, when I helped my grandmother to prepare the limoncello: I was 10 ten years old and I peeled lemons… When she died, at 92 years old, I carried on that which had already become a tradition, working with passion for the genuine flavours that they had passed on.

The love for liquors has accompanied me throughout my life, leading me to work in England, in Germany and in America, where I also spent 4 years working on cruise ships.
After a foray into the world of clothing, I went back to my first great love and with a constant seriousness and passion I started again to produce limoncino  and dozens of other liquors, sweets and twenty types of different jams, always using local fruit biologically certified.

The doors of my workshop are always open, come and see me and I will tell you everything about the fragrant fruits of my land!

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Costiera Sorrentina e Amalfitana