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I’m convinced that life takes you just where you must go. From Rome to Milan, and from the chaotic life in the big city to a quieter and slightly hidden one of the small town of province… Pavia, where I arrived in 2004.
After leaving business banks for which  I have worked for almost eight years, with enthusiasm and total involvement, I decided to follow my real passion: pottery!

After having graduated from a school of ceramics of Milan I started to work, with satisfaction, I must confess, in this sector: in 2009, I attended the Festival of Majolica of Albissola, where the art critic Philippe Daverio chose my pottery work, judging it the best one among those presented.

Mother and artist, in Pavia I’m President of the Workshop of Arts, association and art workshop which proposes creative activities both for children and adults: pottery, restauration, full-relief painting, from the most Classic white canvas to the painting experiments with polyurethane foams.

If you like to come and see me, I will be glad to open the doors of my workshop to show you my world, my works, raw materials and processing techniques, that you can enjoy to experiment with your own hands.